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Introduction Page - J K SETHI & ROHIT SETHI
Indian Vedic Astrologer and Teacher

Indian Vedic Astrologer & Teacher,
Funder & Chairman, The Systems Institute of Vedic Astrology,
London. India.

I introduce myself as an Indian Vedic Astrologer conferred the title of "Jyotish Shiromani", "Jyotish Visharad, Research Scoller " & "Jyotish Kovid" from various institutions of India, practicing Advance Systems of Vedic Astrology (Hindu system of Astrology) since last 21 years.

Life member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), Madras, Member of International Institute of Predictive Astrology (IIPA), Systems Institute of Hindu Astrology, New Delhi.

I have been participating in many consultation clinics organized by Bharat Nirman & other institutions of India.

Edited 19 books of Astrology of Mr V. K.Choudhary, Late Mr. R.S Chiller, Late Mr.Gola, Pt. Krishna Ashant & Mr. Shankar Adaval.

An expert in all areas of Predictive Techniques of Vedic Astrology (horoscope reading, horary i.e. Prashna Astrology, Muhurata & Astro-Vastu consultations) and suggest the best possible perfect, simple & effective astral remedies based on Punch Mahayagyam mentioned in Vedas to provide the maximum benefit of Astrology to mankind.

Creator of Vedic Kavach (The planetary strengthening measure major remedy in the form of silver disc or Laminated card) to use for all purpose & Special purpose Vedic Kavach for better fortune in life). See the detail of benefits at www.vedickavach.com  & www.vedicastrologerindia.com

Provide personal/professional consultation to ward off the ill impacts of all negative planets in life through very effective astral remedy Vedic Kavach, Planets Color Therapy & Gems, provide, prosperity/luck, spreading the happiness to people, family’s world over for the last 21 years.

Creator of Vedic Kavach, The Devine Grace in the form of positive planetary power energizer/strengthening device of all benefic planets for all zodiac signs, which can strengthen 4-7 benefic planets like Gems, much cheaper than 1000 pounds
(Provide as per individuals Zodiac Sign/Lagna/Rashi for all 12 Zodiac Signs.)



Rohit Sethi

Rohit (MBA & CFA) is a London based banking consultant who learned the science of Vedic Astrology from his father J.K.Sethi, also a renowned astrologer living in Delhi, India. Rohit started his practice under the guidance of his father in 2008 and now provides consultation independently to his clients across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

Rohit specializes in, but not restricted to, horoscope reading, providing an insight into various aspects of life, health, career, relationships/partnerships, finances, selecting auspicious timing, color & gemstone therapy and astrological remedies.


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